Indego30 Access Pass

Indego30 Access Pass Information

Individuals who hold a Pennsylvania ACCESS card are eligible to sign up for the Indego30 Access Pass, which offers a discount on the cost of a monthly Indego pass.

  • $5/month gets you 30 days of unlimited 1-hour trips.
  • Extend your ride time. Rides over one hour will cost an additional fee of 7¢ per minute.
  • Ride an electric bike. Upgrading your ride to Indego Electric will cost an extra 7¢ per minute. Electric bike fees begin as soon as you have undocked an electric bike.
  • You can renew your pass every month or choose to cancel anytime.

Please note:

  • Your PA ACCESS Card cannot be used to pay for your Indego Pass. Entering your number will only verify that you are eligible for this pass type.
  • Payment must be made using a credit card. Select your payment option on the sign-up page.
  • The name on the account must match the name on the PA ACCESS Card.

We respect your privacy! Your PA ACCESS Card number will not be shared or used for any reason other than to check your eligibility. For any questions, please call or text our help desk at 844-446-3346 or email