Indego Trip Data

All the bikeshare trips taken from launch through the last quarter.

The City of Philadelphia and its partners at Bicycle Transit Systems are pleased to share anonymized Indego trip data with the public. The privacy of Indego passholders and users is very important to us, and information won’t be released unless the City can ensure that the identities of individuals or groups cannot be discerned and that their privacy is not compromised.

Toss it, flip it, turn it inside out, combine it with your own or someone else's data! Tell us how many trips happened in the rain, or after midnight, or below 50 degrees - we want your help to delve into the data and reveal the hidden gems of understanding that will allow us to make Indego the best it can be.

Data files are in line with the North American Bike Share Association's open data standard.  2015 Q2 and Q3 have been reformatted to also meet the standard.  In the future we will release trip data quarterly.



Each .csv file contains data for one quarter of the year. Each file contains the following data points:

  • Trip ID
  • Duration (sec) - Trip times listed are calculated by taking the check-out and check-in times and rounding down to the minute. For example: checkout time = 4:09:14 PM, return time = 4:15:49 PM (6 minute and 35 second trip). The dataset records the trip time as 6 minutes or 360 seconds.
  • Start Date, Time
  • End Date, Time
  • Start Station ID, Lat/Lon – The station name corresponding to the station to the station ID can be found in the Station Table.
  • End Station ID, Lat/Lon
  • Bike ID
  • Plan Duration – This shows the type of pass by number of days (i.e., thirty-day pass shows ’30’)
  • Trip Route Category - Round Trip or One Way
  • Passholder Type - Walkup, Indego Flex or Indego30


Data will be cleansed prior to publication according to the following criteria:

  • Staff servicing and test trips are removed.
  • Trips below 1 minute are removed.
  • A "Virtual Station," listed in the checkout and return kiosks, is used by staff to check in or check out a bike remotely for a special event or in a situation in which a bike could not otherwise be checked in or out to a station.
  • Trip lengths are capped at 24 hours.
  • Some short round trips or long trips may be the result of system or user error, but have been kept in the dataset for completeness.


Download a zipped CSV file containing trip data for:

2017 Q2 April - June  Coming July 2017

2017 Q1 January - March

2016 Q4 October - December

2016 Q3 July - September

2016 Q2 April - June

2016 Q1 January - March

2015 Q4 October - December

2015 Q3 July - September

2015 Q2 Launch, April - June

Station Table

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Indego Station Status

Live station location and status information from Indego is available in the following formats: