How It Works


Indego, Philadelphia’s bike-share program, offers 24-hour, 30-day, and yearly pass options to ride one of the hundreds of classic and electric-assist bicycles available at over 200 stations around the city, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Station locations are selected based on proximity to community resources, employment centers, bike and transit infrastructure, community groups, and public feedback.
Many stations have a touchscreen kiosk, a map of the service area. Check out your bike using the mobile app or with an Indego Key at a dock.

Riders must be 14 or older to ride Indego classic bikes and 16 years or older to ride Indego electric bikes.


Buy a Pass

Download the app or visit the website

Sign up for an Indego pass

All Indego pass types are available for purchase online or via the Indego app.

Discounted pass options are available for Pennsylvania ACCESS card holders.

Optional per-minute fees apply for extended ride times and rides taken on Indego electric bikes.

To learn more about Indego pass options and pricing click here.


Find a Station

Unlock a bike and go ride!

Check out an Indego Bike

Once you have a pass, you can use the app or website station map to find the nearest station to you and your destination.

Use the mobile unlock feature on the app or your Indego Key at a dock to quickly check out a bike. If the station has a kiosk touchscreen, you can also check out a bike using the account phone number lookup feature.

To download the Indego mobile app click here.


Give it Back

Return the bike to any Indego station

Ride, Return, Repeat

You can end your ride at any Indego station. Be sure to confirm you hear the 3 beeps and see the green blinking light at the dock to ensure your bike has docked properly.

Never leave a bike unattended while it's checked out. If a station is full, you can add an extra 15 minutes added to your ride time via the kiosk touchscreen at no charge in order to find the nearest station with available docks.