Energy-saving Stations



Energy-saving docks are the newest technology in the Indego system! These docks can be configured into smaller pods than our traditional stations. This will allow the Indego service area to grow more quickly, providing Philadelphians and visitors with greater access to bikes and stations across the city!


Energy-saving technology
These stations require less power to operate because there is no kiosk, and the docks enter a “sleep mode” when not in use.

Quick and convenient checkout
Release a bike via the mobile app or with your Indego key.

How to find an energy-saving station

Energy-saving stations have black docks instead of blue ones! You can also tap on a station icon on the mobile app to find out if it is an energy-saving station.


How to Get Started

Get the app

Use the Indego app to buy a pass or log in to your account. See station and dock availability, unlock a bike, and track your ride time.

Wake the dock

To start, tap the button to wake the dock. Next, wave your Indego Key across the reader or use the mobile app to release the bike.

Start your ride

Your ride time will start after the bike has released. Please note that additional fees apply for extended ride times or when using Indego Electric.

Return the bike

Once you reach your destination, return the bike to any Indego station to end your trip. Listen for the 3 beeps to know your bike has docked.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

 I’ve seen different colored lights on the dock when I check out a bike. What do they mean?

  Solid Blue: Dock is ready for check out.

  Blinking Blue: Attempting to check out the bike.

  Blinking Green: Indicates the bike has just been successfully checked out. The light will blink green and make a beeping noise to let you know you can remove the bike from the dock. It also blinks and beeps three times to confirm when a bike has been successfully returned.

Blinking Red: Indicates there may be an issue with your account, such as an expired pass or that your last bike is still registered as being checked out. Please contact our Customer Service team at 844-4-INDEGO (844-446-3346) for assistance.

  Solid Red: Indicates the bike is not presently available for checkout, generally due to a maintenance need.

Suggest a Station

Indego is growing! Over the next five years, our system will expand significantly to new parts of the city, as well as infill stations in existing neighborhoods to make using Indego even more convenient. We are looking for feedback on where you would like to see new stations.

The Indego team installing 10th & Nevada