Classes, Rides, and Programming

As part of the Better Bike Share Partnership, Indego collaborates with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to provide safety classes, learning opportunities, and facilitated conversations for current and future Indego riders. We offer programming for all different levels of cyclists and you don't have to be a passholder to participate! For our 2021 season, we will be holding the majority of our programming online.

Learn to Ride - Virtual Q&A

Friday, August 6th

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Friday, October 8th

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

See the video below.


Virtual Urban Riding Basics

Thursday, July 1st

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Thursday, August 5th

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Thursday, September 2nd

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

See more dates below.

Changing Gears: Community Conversations

Friday, July 23rd

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Friday, August 20th

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Friday, September 24th

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

See more dates below.

Featured Group Rides

Dates are still being finalized.

In the meantime, if you'd like some suggested routes, please check out our new Neighborhood Ride Guides!

South Philadelphia (West of Broad St.) and Parkside are already live and we've got more on the way!

See full schedule, descriptions, and other educational programming below.

Learn to Ride - Virtual Q&A

As the world recovers from the pandemic, there remains a demand for educational programming related to cycling. While we needed to postpone offering our in-person Learn to Ride workshops, we took it as an opportunity to develop and produce a video version of the class, which teaches you how to ride a bicycle in six easy steps. We're excited to share that with you here! The video features the same material from our in-person workshops and a cast of Indego Champions.

We'll also be offering a few short, 30 - 40 minute Q&A sessions on the video throughout the season, where we'll be available to chat through Zoom and answer any questions you have about the content of the video or bicycling in general.

Virtual Urban Riding Basics Classes

Do you want to try Indego, but need to build a little more confidence in your city-biking skills? Are you interested in biking, but could use some tips on doing it safely?

This FREE, 60-minute, virtual course covers how to use Indego, the rules of the road, riding safely in traffic, making sure your helmet fits, planning your route, and more!

This class is relevant to bicyclists of all skill levels but is most important for beginners.

Upon registering, you'll be sent a link to join the meeting via Zoom.

Check out class dates and sign up using the links below!


Changing Gears: Community Conversations

Changing Gears aims to create more united biking communities by creating a safe space to share and hear ideas about current topics related to personal wellness, cycling in Philadelphia, COVID-19, and other general city cycling updates in an open format discussion. This event is a one-hour virtual hang with us through Zoom and Facebook Live. Come hang out and catch up with the team, we're excited to hear what you've been up to!

Check out class dates below. We'll be adding the specific times, topics, and signup links soon.


Indego Champions Program

Make the most of biking season while staying safe during the pandemic by becoming an Indego Champion! This free series of virtual classes and rides will help you get the skill, know-how, and experience to bike like a pro, whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider. There are two different curriculums to choose from:

Are you a beginner still learning how to ride?

  • Virtual Urban Riding Basics
  • Virtual Learn to Ride Q&A
  • Changing Gears
  • Featured Ride

Already a rider looking to explore more of the city?

  • Virtual Urban Riding Basics
  • Changing Gears
  • Featured Ride
  • Bike 365 miles or complete our scavenger hunt challenge

All you need to do is register for the program and complete one set of the required curriculums. Once you've completed the required programming (which can be done on any of the scheduled dates within a calendar year), you'll receive a special rewards package in recognition of your participation!

We'll be launching our new registration page soon, so please check back!

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Other Programming

Adult Learn to Ride Classes

This FREE two-hour, hands-on course teaches (or re-teaches) adults the basics of how to ride a bike. Bicycle Coalition staff lead participants through pedaling, balancing, turning, and the general confidence needed to successfully ride. This class is open to anyone who has never ridden a bike or simply needs a refresher.

Participants use Indego bikes and receive helmets. Sign-up is required and spaces are limited.

Check out class dates and sign up using the links below!

Participantes pueden recibir instrucción en español o inglés.


Conceptos Básicos de Ciclismo Urbano Virtual

¿Desea probar Indego, pero necesita desarrollar un poco más de confianza en sus habilidades de ciclismo en la ciudad? ¿Está interesado en andar en bicicleta, pero podría usar algunos consejos sobre cómo comenzar?

Este curso gratuito de 90 minutos cubre cómo usar el sistema Indego, las normas del transito, conducir con seguridad en el transito, dónde estacionar su bicicleta, cómo planificar su ruta, y más.

El espacio es limitado, por lo que se requiere inscripción. Al inscribirse, se le enviará un enlace para unirse a la clase a través de Zoom.

¡Mira las fechas de clase y regístrate usando los enlaces a continuación!


Skill Building Course

This class is perfect for anyone who's previously attended a Learn to Ride class or is able to pedal but could use more practice turning, signaling, scanning, and generally getting the bike to do what you want it to!

Participants will navigate a skill-building obstacle course, which is not only a fun challenge but also a great way to learn real-world skills to help them ride around the city confidently and safely.

Different courses teach different skills like avoiding hazards, scanning the area while riding straight, making tight turns, signaling, balance, and control.

There's no cost to sign-up and participants receive a free helmet!

Check out dates and sign up using the links below!

Participantes pueden recibir instrucción en español o inglés.

Photo Jul 29, 2 45 31 PM

Bici•Charlas: Conversaciones Comunitarias

La Coalición de Bicicletas de la Gran Filadelfia y el Better Bike Share Partnership invita a la comunidad Latinx de Filadelfia a nuestras Bici*Charlas virtuales. Las Bici*Charlas son una serie de conversaciones informales con ustedes nuestro público, donde tendrán espacio para hacer preguntas, compartir experiencias o consejos, y opinar sobre varios temas. Estos eventos serán moderados por los empleados hispanohablantes de la Coalición de Bicicletas, y se presentarán virtualmente por medio de Zoom.


Digital Skills & Bicycle Thrills

Indego teams up with the City of Philadelphia's Office of Adult Education and other community partners to offer Digital Skills & Bicycle Thrills, an introduction to using Indego as an entry point into technology use. For more information, check out our blog post about the program.



Other Educational Resources

Want more information about cycling laws, bike lanes, and safety? The City of Philadelphia and the Bicycle Coalition teamed up to bring you a comprehensive guide to biking in Philadelphia. Interested in finding out more about all the great work the Bicycle Coalition is doing in the community? Be sure to visit their website.

Check out our Community Programs & Services Guide to find out more about the different ways you and your community can collaborate with Indego!

Community Programs & Services Guide

Guía de Programas y Servicios Comunitarios

社区项目和 服务指南

Hướng Dẫn về Chương Trình & Dịch Vụ Cộng Đồng

If you're interested in having Indego at your event, visit the "Partner with Indego" section of our Contact page to submit a request.