Meet the Bikes

Indego is Philadelphia's bike share system, offering riders access to over 2,000 bikes and three unique bike models suited to meet a variety of transportation needs. Manufactured by TREK, Indego bikes are built for comfort, durability and fun. While Indego bikes have evolved over time, every Indego bike is equipped with the following features: 

Whether you're looking for a quick ride around the city or a more leisurely adventure, Indego has a bike for you! 

From left to right: Indego Classic 1.0, Indego Classic 2.0, and White Indego Electric
From left to right: Indego Classic 1.0, Indego Classic 2.0, and White Indego Electric
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Indego Classic Bikes

Indego classic bikes are great for new riders or riders who are just getting back in the saddle. At no additional cost to use, classic bikes require less experience than the pedal-assisted electric bikes and are an excellent choice if you're hoping to get in a quick workout or riding on flat terrain.

Indego 1.0 Bike

The inaugural Indego 1.0 bike, first deployed at the system launch, exclusively has two storage baskets compared to its Indego bike counterparts. An additional rear basket for extra storage and a narrower front basket that’s great for drinks or smaller bags.  

Classic 1.0 Indego Bike
Classic 1.0 Indego Bike

Indego 2.0 Bike

The Indego 2.0 bike is the newer and sleeker model of its predecessor. These bicycles are lighter and feature a unique “clam shell” style front basket that can retract to fit more storage. When closed the basket tension will securely hold your items in place when riding on bumpier terrain.

Additionally, the handlebar bell available to the rider’s left, was ergonomically integrated to allow use by simply turning your wrist on the dial while riding.  

Classic 2.0 Indego Bike
Classic 2.0 Indego Bike

Indego Electric

Boost your ride and add some kick to your commute! Indego electric bikes feature an optional pedal assist that amplifies your effort without breaking a sweat. Developed in partnership with Bosch, Indego electric bikes are one of the most sustainable means of transportation and play a central role in the future of non-vehicular mobility in Philadelphia. For an additional per minute fee, passholders can unlock Indego electric bikes at any available station. Perfect for climbing hills, keeping up with traffic, covering more ground in less time, and turning the headwinds into tailwinds!  

White Indego Electric
White Indego Electric
Blue Indego Electric
Blue Indego Electric

Community Partner Bikes

Community Partner Bikes are are specially designed in collaboration with local organizations to help spread awareness about their programs and public resources, in addition to celebrating the amazing creativity of artist within Philadelphia! 

Walls for Justice Bike

The Walls for Justice Bike wrapped bike was a collaborative approach with the Philadelphia-based nonprofit Walls for Justice. The design was created with the help of participants from the Waterfront Group Ride who were given the prompt to create art that reflected their experience with cycling. The pieces were then digitized and stylized by local artist, Lindsey Gill.

Read more about the work that has gone into adding this bike to our fleet in our blog about the collaboration.

Philly Pride Bike

The Philly Pride Bike was debuted at the Philadelphia Pride Parade on June 9th of 2019. Working with the Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs, we wanted to have a bike that encompassed the support of not only Indego but also of Philadelphia and Independence Blue Cross for the LGBTQIA+ community.

You can read an interview with Alison Cohen, the CEO of Bicycle Transit Systems and Amber Hikes the Executive Director of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs here.

How to Find a Bike

Download the Indego Mobile App or check the online station map for real-time bike type and dock availability at a station before arrival, as additional nearby stations may have more favorable bike type availability.  

Indego's Station Map
Indego's Station Map


Is there a difference between the blue and white electric bikes?

There is no difference except the color!

On what part of the street should I ride an Indego electric bike?

Just like other bicycles, you are permitted but not required to ride in designated bike lanes.

What do I do if I have an issue with a bike?

If you check out a bike and it has any issues, please return it to the nearest Indego station and contact Customer Service immediately by either reporting a trip issue via the Indego app, emailing, texting or calling 844-4-INDEGO (844-446-3346) so we can lock down the bike for repair.

What does a red dock light mean when attempting to unlock a bike with my Indego Key?

If the dock displays a red light when attempting to unlock the bike, the bike is unavailable for service due to necessary repair and maintenance

How do I know if the bike has properly docked, and my trip has ended?

When you return a bike to an Indego station and firmly push it into an open dock, the dock will flash green and beep 3-5 times to let you know your ride is complete! You’ll also receive a text message and app alert confirming the bike was checked back in, unless you’ve opted out of text messaging or app notifications.

If the dock didn’t beep three times and/or you didn’t receive a text message confirmation, the first thing to do is give the bike an extra push in. Sometimes all it needs is that extra bit of encouragement.

If that doesn’t work, you can check your personal trip history by logging in to your account via the website or mobile app to see if your most recent ride has registered as complete or by contacting Customer Service via emailing or texting or calling 844-4-INDEGO (844-446-3346).

How do I know if a bike is unlocked from a dock?

If you are using the Indego mobile app or kiosk touch screen you will receive a confirmation screen saying your bike is ready after selecting a dock with an available bike. If you are using an Indego Key the dock lights will flash green and beep 3-5 times. You will have 60 seconds to grab the bike before the dock attempts to relock the bike.

What do I do if my bike is lost or stolen?

Immediately notify us by calling 844-4-INDEGO (844-446-3346). You must do this within 24 hours. In addition, we request that you call or visit the police precinct in which the theft occurred within 24 hours to file a theft report. Your account may be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the bike; up to $1,000 in the case of classic Indego bikes or up to $2,500 in case of Indego Electric bikes. There is a higher replacement fee for Indego electric bikes. 

What do I do if I find an abandoned Indego bike?

If you find an abandoned Indego bike, please notify Customer Service immediately at 844-4-INDEGO (844-446-3346) or submit a bike recovery form. If possible, please return the bike to the nearest Indego station.

How does Indego prevent bikes from being lost or stolen?

Indego bikes are equipped with GPS features to support asset recovery. Additional security features cannot be disclosed as this could jeopardize the impact of those measures in place.

What should I do if I encounter stations with reoccurring issues with bike or bike type availability?

Riders encountering reoccurring issues with classic bike availability at stations are encouraged to share this feedback via the Rate My Ride app feature to also support how Indego can continue improving its operational bike balancing efforts. Please let us know if you have encountered reoccurring issues with bike-type availability at a specific station and the surrounding stations nearby, additionally, if there are specific days/times which seem to have a higher prevalence of this issue.

What do I do if I accidentally unlocked an electric bike thinking it was a classic bike?

Please submit a ticket in the app under Report a Trip Issue > Billing > I mistook an electric bike for a classic bike. You can also text or call customer service.

How do I differentiate between an Indego classic and electric bike?

Indego electric bikes can be distinguished from their classic counterparts by the battery pack located on the rear tire and display monitor located on the handlebars.

Is Indego adding more electric bikes to the fleet? Classic bikes?

Yes, Indego is adding more electric bikes to meet demand. More classic bikes will also be added to maintain a core fleet.

How much does it cost to use an Indego electric bike?

There is an additional fee of 20¢ per minute for upgrading your ride to Indego Electric. The per-minute fee will support operational costs associated with maintaining a fleet of electric bikes. Indego ACCESS passholders are charged 7¢ per minute for upgrading to an Indego electric bike, continuing the City’s commitment to affordability and equity. Fees charged for riding an Indego electric bike are billed as usage fees. Usage fees will be processed separately from your pass purchase or renewal transactions and are subject to Pennsylvania sales tax.

How much does the Indego electric bike weigh?

Indego electric bikes weigh about 50 pounds, which is only 3 pounds heavier than our classic Indego bikes.

How old do I have to be to ride an Indego electric bike?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation requires a minimum age of 16 to operate an electric-assist bicycle. Therefore, riders must be at least 16 years old to check out an Indego electric bike. Minors need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at least 18 years old during the ride.

What do I do if an Indego electric bike runs out of battery while I’m riding?

Indego electric bikes show you on their display how much total battery life remains. Be sure to check the battery life before checking out an Indego electric bike. A bike that shows two or more bars of battery on the display is good to ride. If the bike runs out of battery, you can either finish your ride or dock the bike at the closest station and undock another bike.

Does the electric bike still work if the battery dies?

If the battery on an electric bike dies, the motor will stop providing pedal assistance. The lights on the bike will still function and you will still be able to shift gears, dock, undock, brake, and pedal like normal. The motor does not add any noticeable drag when turned off.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life of an electric bike depends on many factors including terrain, riding style, temperature, the weight of the rider, and any cargo being transported. On average, a full charge will allow Indego electric bikes to travel about 30 miles before they need to be recharged.

How fast does the electric bike go?

Indego electric bikes provide pedal assistance up to speeds of 17 miles per hour. The motor in the electric bike only aids when you pedal.

How do I find and check out an Indego bike?

You can locate an available Indego bike by checking the station map on the Indego website or on the Indego app. Stations that have Indego electric bikes docked at them will show a green lightning bolt symbol as well as battery display above the station icon. You can use your Indego app, key fob or account phone number look-up at stations with a touch screen to checkout a bike.