Indego Rolls Out New Wrapped Bike in Collaboration With Walls For Justice

Indego is thrilled to introduce our newest wrapped bike, designed by the Philadelphia-based nonprofit, Walls For Justice. Keep reading to learn more about Walls For Justice and how this collaboration came about.

Walls For Justice began by painting unifying social justice messages on plywood boards that covered the storefront windows during the civil unrest and nationwide protests of 2020. Passersby wanted to help paint and stores asked for messages of support for the community. Instead of anger and despair, their words and art became a symbol of hope.

Today, businesses continue to support social change, artists want to utilize their talent, and marginalized people want to feel empowered. Walls for Justice continues to be a catalyst that helps to bring all three together. They work in public spaces, schools, and museums and partner with businesses to hire local artists to push the future forward by creating positive change through art. Walls for Justice’s mission is to “empower and enhance the platform of social movements, communities, people of color, and all other marginalized groups, through the use of murals, beautification projects, demonstrations, and other artistic mediums.”

Bicycle Transit Systems collaborated with Walls For Justice in 2022 on their first-ever mural, in an effort to further beautify and unify the Indego warehouse in Philadelphia. The mural reflects the diversity of the Bike Transit team and community in Philadelphia and supports Indego’s mission of being responsible, DEIJ-driven, and innovative in service to its local communities.

After the mural was completed, Walls for Justice applied for a mini-grant from Indego and the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (OTIS). This grant allowed them to host an event with live music, vendors, a group ride led by Bicycle Coalition staff, and resources for the cycling community at Cherry St Pier, which they called The Waterfront Group Ride and Cycling Festival.

The design for the Walls For Justice x Indego wrapped bike was a collaborative approach. During the Waterfront Group Ride and Cycling Festival there was an activity station that allowed participants to create art reflecting on their experience with cycling. The art was then digitized and stylized by local artist, Lindsey Gill.

Samuel Rodriguez, Founder and Executive Director of Walls For Justice, shared his thoughts about this project: “Our message to convey with this design and project is to share the value of community engagement and how cross-sectors such as businesses and government should continue to create more opportunities for community members to be involved in their communities. Through this experience, we were able to partner with businesses and organizations to amplify the community’s voice and collaborate with local artists to help the cycling community feel more welcomed and appreciated.”

The Walls For Justice bike is now in the Indego fleet! If you ride it, be sure to tag @rideindego and @wallsforjustice on social media!

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