Meet the Team: 2023 BCGP Bike Share Educators and Indego Ambassadors

As we reach the midpoint of the Indego programming season, we’re delighted to introduce you to the members of our Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (BCGP) education team and the 2023 Indego Community Ambassador cohort. Each team member brings an immensely diverse background of professional experience and a passion for cycling and empowering others around them. Keep reading to meet the team and hear more about how this group is working to strengthen the bridge between Indego and the communities we serve. 

BCGP Bike Share Educators

This season we have four amazing BCGP Bike Share Educators that have joined our education team. They’ve been teaching folks how to ride a bicycle in our free Learn to Ride classes and have led many community-based group rides all over the city. Our programming season will run through October 31st so there’s still time to grab a friend and join a ride or class! Find out more about our BCGP Bike Share Educators below.


Pronouns: She/her

Fun fact: Miriam loves to knit and has just started learning how to sew, too!

Role: BCGP Educator

Organization: Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

About: Originally from Rhode Island, Miriam has loved calling Philly home for the past four years. She began navigating the city on two wheels in the early pandemic and has continued to enjoy doing so since then! During the week, Miriam teaches high school Spanish and is excited to expand her passion for teaching and learning with BCGP and Indego. Miriam is an avid attendee of Wednesday Night Rides and firmly believes that cookies can be a breakfast food.


Pronouns: They/She

Fun fact: Morgan can ride a unicycle (but hasn’t practiced in a while)

Role: BCGP Educator

Organization: Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

About: Morgan was born and raised on a farm in rural Vermont, but has made Philly their home since 2018. Morgan learned to love biking from a young age and has gone on many beautiful bike trips, including biking through the Loire Valley in France, across the Petit Train route in Quebec, and along paths in Kenya. Morgan is excited to join the BCGP educator team to meet new people, explore the city, and support others in getting passionate about bicycling!


Pronouns: She/Her

Fun fact: The last time I drove a car was twelve years ago.

Role: BCGP Educator

Organization: Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

About: Lan has been living in Philly for the past 10+ years. Her hobbies include upcycling, traveling, running, reading (especially nonfiction), listening to podcasts, and watching movies. She spent her childhood in California but loves the East Coast.

Indego Ambassadors

This spring, we launched the 2023 Indego Ambassador season with new and returning Ambassadors, including our first group of junior ambassadors! This team has hosted some memorable group rides and has helped to engage with their communities about Indego and bike share. Keep reading to learn more about the Indego Ambassadors and the non-profit organizations that they belong to.

The Point Breeze Collective

The Point Breeze Collective are newcomers to Indego. Lindsey Kelly is the Vice Chair of the Point Breeze Collective, a non-profit creating connections through inclusive community experiences. Her co-founder Andrew Davies is an improviser and facilitator based in South Philly. Lindsey and Andrew are “so excited to be Indgeo Ambassadors to share their love of biking with the community. It’s the best way to get around the city, and you must try it to believe it!” The Point Breeze Collective is a grassroots family affair that will host rides, organize movie nights, and keep the young people engaged with T-Ball and Tennis camp along with rides on Indego.

Indigenous Education (IndEdu)

Indigenous Education (IndEdu) is a small non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about the omitted history of the indigenous people of the United States, particularly for the Southeastern portions of the United States. Tavis and Renee Sanders, a mother/son team, founded and manage the organization.

“We’re excited to offer this unique opportunity for participants to explore the rich history of West Philadelphia while also enjoying a fun cycling experience.”

Community Leaders: Derrick and Dayyan Pratt

Derrick Pratt and our Junior Ambassador, Dayyan Pratt, are Mantua residents. Derrick Pratt is a returning Ambassador and co-founder of We Embrace Fatherhood. Derrick has a long list of achievements at PACDC and is a Please Touch Museum Advisory Board member. Derrick is creating the pathway for his son to see how community engagement can impact their friends, family, and community.

Dayyan is a ninth grader at Science Leadership Academy (Beeber Campus.) He aspires to be a Computer Science Engineer. Dayyan believes that, “If everyone works together, we can overcome any obstacles. Working together is success.”

Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Center

The Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Center is a community-based health clinic with a mission to improve health outcomes and promote wellness among underserved populations. Located in a diverse neighborhood, they are known for their comprehensive and patient-centered care, addressing the social determinants of health in a culturally sensitive manner. One unique feature of 11th Street Family Health Services is its on-site community garden, where patients and community members can participate in gardening activities and learn about healthy eating and nutrition.

Janielle Bryan and Meleki Wamulume have joined the Indego season and believe, “As an Indego Ambassador, the role is exciting as it involves promoting active transportation and healthy lifestyles within the community.” Meleki is “Thrilled to be part of 2023 Indego Ambassador cohort, inspiring and empowering individuals to incorporate biking into their daily routines, and promoting sustainable and healthy transportation.” They would like the community to check out the resources the center provides and join the rides that they are planning for the season!

Community Leaders: Nicole and Ashton Seahorn

Nicole Seahorn and our Junior Ambassador, Ashton Seahorn, are Indego’s city-wide ambassadors this season. Nicole can be seen around the city sharing the word and resources with community members through We Walk Philly, Fairmount Park Conservatory, and GirlTrek. Nicole’s drive to help her community is a generational gift that she is passionate about sharing with her children.

Ashton is an eighth grader at Harambee Institute of Science and Technology. He is an artist, music lover, and enthusiastic about bike riding. Ashton believes, “It’s good for people to get together, and bikes are a great way to make that happen. Biking makes you feel like you are not alone.”

Thank you to everyone involved in Indego’s 2023 engagement and educational efforts! We are beyond blessed to have the support of so many people who are invested in building community and getting more butts on bikes. Please give a shout-out to our team in the comments and register for an upcoming class or ride by clicking the button below.

Philadelphia’s bike share program, Indego, launched in 2015 and has grown to 200 stations and 2,000 bikes (electric and classic.) Indego is an initiative of the City of Philadelphia and is operated by Bicycle Transit Systems, a Philadelphia-based company, and is overseen by the City’s Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (OTIS.) The City of Philadelphia is one of the founding partners of the Better Bike Share Partnership, a national initiative aimed at improving equitable access to bike share and other forms of shared micro-mobility. The Better Bike Share Partnership is an initiative funded by the JPB Foundation.


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