IndeHero Updates Fall 2023

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting updates to Indego’s in-app game, IndeHero. These enhancements aim to boost ridership and offer our riders greater flexibility in managing their points and extending their passes. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new: 

  • IndeHero is now automatically enabled for all active monthly and annual Indego Passholders. Guest Pass riders are currently not able to play IndeHero. 
  • Participants can now earn Pedal Points, which are points earned whenever a ride is taken. One ride = 5 points 
  • Points earned from returning or releasing a bike from a designated station are now referred to as Hero Points.  
  • To see the Hero Points overlay on the Indego map, enable the “Show IndeHero points on the map” option in your account. 
  • You must now manually redeem your IndeHero points. You can opt to redeem your rewards once you’ve accumulated sufficient points for a 24-hour, 30-day, or annual pass extension. Visit the rewards store within the Indego app to see and redeem your available points.

If you would like to read more about IndeHero, how it works, how to join the leaderboard, or want to peruse our FAQ, click the button below.

You may need to update your Indego app in order to see these changes. If you don’t see an update available, please wait as updates for all operating systems will go live by the week of October 2nd.

Did you notice the new IndeHero illustration?

This was done by New Jersey-based artist Jolie Kim. Jolie is a student who is passionate about illustration and storytelling. She has a love for color and environment and likes to convey that in her illustrations and occasionally, animation. 

Jolie submitted this design as part of a competition that Indego organized in partnership with first-year illustration majors at Moore College of Art in June. Continue to page two to read our interview with Jolie and learn more about her passion for design and what inspires her!

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