Following Up With Our Spring/Summer 2023 BBSP Mini-Grant Recipients

This season, the Better Bike Share Partnership and Indego with the City of Philadelphia provided six organizations with mini-grants of $1,000 to support their general operations and promote Indego bike share as a community resource. This year, our partner organizations were based in different parts of Indego’s service area and worked with people of all ages by providing free resources, hosting educational group rides, and more. Keep reading to learn more about these organizations and how they utilized the BBSP grant funding.

1. Ian-Yae’s In Touch

Tanika Little founded Ian-Yae’s In Touch, a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals, especially those experiencing homelessness. For over 10 years, her organization has provided outdoor community meals to an average of 75 individuals every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. on 20th & Race Street in Philadelphia. With the support of volunteers, they have been able to serve their community through the four seasons, and even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. During their weekly meals, they provide clothing, personal care items, and other necessary resources such as housing, other meal sites, and career information.

Our partnership with Ian-Yae’s In Touch provided the organization with resources to support their weekly operations and prepare their community for the winter season.

2. You’re Beautifully Made

You’re Beautifully Made, Inc. was founded by Shanon C. Skipworth and has been providing services in their community since 2013. They have several different programs that serve youth and adults of all ages, all year round. You’re Beautifully Made hosts a summer camp, literacy events, baby item giveaways, community fun days, resource fairs, and more. They have serviced over 3,000 community members through their programs, services, and community engagement.

Indego’s partnership with You’re Beautifully Made provided general support for programming, including a bike safety educational workshop in partnership with Safe Routes Philly at the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability at the City of Philadelphia.

3. The Hip Hop Library

The Hip Hop Library is an organization founded by Malika Love that promotes intergenerational family engagement through the lens of Hip Hop culture. The Hip Hop Library hosted a Hip-Hop Bike Ride In collaboration with Indego Bike Share and We Embrace Fatherhood’s Derek Pratt, an Indego Ambassador. The event was created in honor of the 50th Year Celebration of Hip Hop, and included an educational stop at Philadelphia’s Graffiti Pier, highlighting one of the five elements of Hip Hop culture.

Our partnership with The Hip Hop Library provided group ride support, general programming support, refreshments, and school supplies.

4. South Philadelphia Community Fridge

South Philadelphia Community Fridge is a community-centered, volunteer-based organization dedicated to giving all Philadelphians access to fresh and healthy food, combatting food insecurity and inequality in our city through mutual aid. The organization held its third-anniversary party on Sunday, August 20th, with the support of the Better Bike Share Partnership Mini-Grant. They celebrated with a carnival in Mifflin Square Park with free games, food, resources, and prizes for all. Additionally, they served 400 free dinners and welcomed over 100 neighbors to share food and fun in the community together. Indego shared information about the bike share system and provided promotional codes for free rides, and the event was also supported by a constellation of community partners.

5. My Brother’s Keeper Cares

My Brother’s Keeper Cares (MBK Cares) is a nonprofit organization founded by Ihsan Hines that focuses on promoting mental health and wellness for Black people in Southwest Philadelphia. Their mission is to promote mental health awareness, suicide awareness & suicide prevention through faith-based initiatives, community & business collaborations, art therapy, mentorship & educational outreach, fitness programs, and counseling resources.

Our partnership with MBK Cares supported their “Discovering Mental Wealth” event at the Discovery Center, where Stephanie Ridgeway from Indego at the City of Philadelphia shared about the benefits of cycling in promoting mental health and wellness. Indego provided participants with promotional codes for free rides.

6. Voice By Choices

Voices by Choices is a nonprofit organization based in North Philadelphia that supports mothers and families who have been impacted by gun violence, founded by Tahira Fortune, a passionate community advocate. Voices by Choices’ slogan is “Our children had a voice but never had a choice.”

Voices by Choices hosts community round tables and healing events that support grieving families and provide resources for those who are experiencing trauma related to gun violence. The Better Bike Share Partnership mini-grant went towards general operational support for the organization at the 8th & Diamond Recreation Center, where they host their community events.

The City of Philadelphia, Indego, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and the Better Bike Share Partnership would like to thank these organizations for their hard work serving the people of Philadelphia. You can now apply for the winter 2024 Better Bike Share Partnership mini-grant by clicking the button below. The deadline to apply is Friday, November 17th.

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