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Pedaling Towards Wellness

To help kick off an exciting season of summer rides, the Better Bike Share Partnership team joined “Recovery In Motion: Pedaling Towards Wellness” on May 5th.

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Meet the Indego 2018 Community Ambassadors!

Indego is riding into the fourth season of its City Ambassador Program, and the ambassadors are preparing to take to the road! Here is a quick breakdown of some of the awesome, life-changing organizations that the Indego City Ambassadors represent.

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Indego Announces New Pass Options, Pricing, and Minimum Age Requirement!

Adjustments include new discounted annual pass option, further savings for ACCESS passholders, new monthly pass price, and new minimum age requirement.

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“I started riding Indego when a dear friend of mine introduced me. I am glad she did because I am getting fit while cycling...I feel GREAT!!!”

Calvin L.

“I have a bike that I love, but for getting around town, the flexibility of being able to take an Indego and leave it there, is just a no-brainer.  On top of that, $17/mo is less expensive than having even a cheap bike stolen on average every 3 years, leaving aside maintenance costs.”

Nate P.

“A commute + exercise - parking struggles? Win! I've been happily Indegoing for over a year & I love it.”

Ronethea W.

“Indego is amazing, because it helps me live in alignment with my values, while making my wallet, my body, and the environment happy!”

Kristen S.