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Indego is Philadelphia's favorite bike share with over 250 stations and 2,000+ bikes across the city.

We provide different pass options to fit your lifestyle. From a weekend ride to daily commutes between home to work, we have you covered! Check out our passes to see which one is best for you.

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Bike Nice: How to ride a bicycle safely in Philadelphia

Watch our new Learn to Ride video guide!

Indego Passholder Perk: Bean2Bean

Philadelphia-based coffee roasting company, Bean2Bean, has once again partnered with Indego to bring our Passholders an exclusive discount on their online coffee orders. From July 2024 – May 2025, Indego’s… Read more »

Bike Month 2024 Indego Recap

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Meet the Team: 2024 BCGP Bike Share Educators

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“I started riding Indego when a dear friend of mine introduced me. I am glad she did because I am getting fit while cycling...I feel GREAT!!!”

Calvin L.

“I have a bike that I love, but for getting around town, the flexibility of being able to take an Indego and leave it there, is just a no-brainer.  On top of that, $17/mo is less expensive than having even a cheap bike stolen on average every 3 years, leaving aside maintenance costs.”

Nate P.

“A commute + exercise - parking struggles? Win! I've been happily Indegoing for over a year & I love it.”

Ronethea W.

“Indego is amazing, because it helps me live in alignment with my values, while making my wallet, my body, and the environment happy!”

Kristen S.

"I love to bike around the city, helping to avoid traffic and time spent parking. It is also a beautiful way to include movement and outdoor time throughout my week."

Hava R.

"Available at All hours, splash-proof, reliable and awesome Customer service. It’s the quickest and most Convenient way to get around Philly. "

Will B.

"Indigo's convenience and wallet-friendly deal are a total win. Plus, it's super cool to be part of this community of health-loving and planet-saving bikers right here in Philly."

Nattawat T.


"The Indego bicycles feel safe and sturdy and are well maintained. I also like that parking the Indego bike at a dock is so much faster than locking up your own bike."

Debra K.


"What I love about riding with Indego is the commitment they have to the community. Indego, however works with families that may be struggling through programs like the discounted passes for PA access card holders."

Kevin R.