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[Updated 4/10/17] As we’ve all experienced, there are stations longing for bikes and docks yearning to be free. Indego teams work hard to keep the system balanced for you, but we also know that many hands (or feet!) make it work. Now, you can get rewards by helping Indego balance supply and demand!

Introducing IndeHero, a program that rewards you with credit to your pass when you ride to and from stations that need it the most. Use IndeHero, via the Indego app, to find stations where you could earn the most points for checking out or returning a bike. The points will guide you on your quest to become an IndeHero. The more points you win, the more credit you earn on your pass!

How it works — To start using IndeHero, login and tap on the new IndeHero menu. Stations will be marked to show you the points available for checking out or returning a bike at that station. The more points you win, the more credit you earn on your Indego pass! For every 100 points you earn 1 day of credit to your pass. IndeHero is available for both iOS and Android.




Wanted to thank everyone @ Indego for providing an extremely convenient and affordable way to traverse the city.
Thanks again for all the effort applied to keep the wheels turnin!


I enjoyed doing this during the test pilot Indego ran last year! It was a fun way to save a few dollars and get the bike stations balanced. Looking forward to when you get an Android App for this!


What does one day of credit do if you have a monthly pass? Does it take a discount off of your pass for the next month or what?

Ian Smith

Hi Grace,

One day of credit means that your pass is extended by one day. So, if your pass renews on the 16th, it will be pushed back until the 17th. Earn enough IndeHero points and you might never need to pay! 😉


Question – are there moms groups that ride or groups period of any type that get together to ride and use Indego


You need to have stations at the stadiums. A way to get down there & back from an event would be awesome.


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