4 Reasons to Bike to the Navy Yard!

In June of 2018, Indego added three new stations to the Navy Yard with the hopes of helping Philadelphians access this iconic and sometimes overlooked community. If you have not yet made the trip down to the Navy Yard, keep reading to learn Indego’s top 4 reasons to bike there!

1. First up, The Navy Yard is bike-friendly! If you are biking to the Navy Yard from connecting transit, such as the BSL, you can bike directly down Broad St. or take the path on the edge of FDR park. Once you are in the Navy Yard, there are bike lanes and bike racks throughout for anyone to use. Indego stations can be found at Crescent Park, 12th & Normandy, and 15th & Kitty Hawk. Go for a self-guided tour of the retired US Navy ships along the docks or simply to enjoy a ride without the pressures of city traffic!

Hammocks at Central Green

2. As soon as you enter the Navy Yard your senses awaken. You hear the hum of airplanes flying overhead and hear the water gently lapping against the docks. It almost doesn’t feel like you are in Philly, which brings us to our second reason to bike to the Navy Yard: Amazing greenspaces! The Navy Yard is home to several parks that are impressive in their design and include amenities such as ping-pong tables, hammocks, and a putting green! To learn more about the parks in the Navy Yard, click here.

3. Make sure you come hungry because the Navy Yard has an awesome food scene! Check out this blog post to get a quick run-down of the restaurants and cafes you can visit during your trip. In the summer season, different food trucks line up on 19th Street and Kitty Hawk Ave as part of the LunchTruck LineUp. The lineup is always changing! To find out what food trucks will be in attendance before you plan your visit, be sure to follow the Navy Yard on Twitter @NavyYardPhila.

4. Whether you want to run a 5K or eat your weight in pizza at Pizzadelphia, an annual Pizza Festival, there is always something fun to do at the Navy Yard! Bringing us to reason number four: Events & art! The Navy Yard hosts different events nearly every week. To see what is coming up, be sure to head over to their website at www.navyyard.org/

The Navy Yard is a unique setting that has inspired different sculptors and mural artists alike. Currently, there is a temporary, interactive art installation at the Navy Yard called Tape Philadelphia: Enter the Cocoon that you don’t want to miss! Brought to you by Group X, a local, anonymous group of curators and organizers, #TheNavyYardCoccon took 12 days to put together and is made of 21.5 miles of packing tape. If Group X sounds familiar, it’s because they brought the unforgettable Sea Monsters HERE installation to the Navy Yard last fall.

Plan your trip: The walk to the Navy Yard Cocoon from the Indego station at Crescent Park is just 10 minutes (.5 miles). Please note that during peak times, there may be a line to enter the upper interior portion without a reserved entry. Make a reservation today at www.navyyard.org/cocoon.

Get social: Let us know why you’ll be biking to the Navy Yard in the comments below and tag Indego in all your pictures with #rideindego!

This blog was written by Emily Hooven, the Indego Marketing & Communications Coordinator.

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