Digital Skills and Bicycle Thrills: First Cohort Graduates!


The Better Bike Share Partnership (BBSP) is an effort led by the City of Philadelphia that works to ensure that Indego is accessible to all Philadelphians. 


Graduate Alan Lomax celebrates completing the course

This Spring, Indego and the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems teamed up with the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy, the KEYSPOTS network, and the Bicycle Coalition  of Greater Philadelphia with support from the Better Bike Share Partnership and the Mayor’s Innovation Fund to create a new tool to help community members access two important resources: Indego and digital literacy opportunities.

Learning to use a bicycle in the city and learning to use a computer can both be intimidating experiences, so an idea to address both issues together was born. Digital Skills and Bicycle Thrills is a four-week online course, open to anyone who is interested in increasing their digitalliteracy or urban biking skills or both. After an in-person orientation in April, participants took the course  through Canvas, an online learning platform. Participants who did not have a computer at home or struggled with digital literacy wer


Claudia Setubal from Indego, Tyrone Wrice from Dornsife Center KEYSPOT, and Jennifer Kobrin from the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy

e encouraged to visit their local KEYSPOT for additional help completing the course.

“I’m so happy this program was a success. At MCOL, we’ve learned that the best way to teach adults is by integrating lessons into subjects they’re already interested in, like biking! I’m honored that I got to be a part of it and we’re looking forward to making the next cohort in June even better,” said Jennifer Kobrin, Director of Digital Initiatives for the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy.


A Digital Skills and Bicycle Thrills graduate talks about her experience with the course

At the graduation ceremony at the end of May, participants spoke of their increased confidence both in biking and in tackling the digital world. Several graduates expressed that the course helped open new doors for them and encouraged them to try new challenges.

While completing the course, participants received a free month of unlimited one-hour rides through Indego. In addition to dedicating about two hours a week to the coursework, participants were required to complete a group ride, led by staff from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. Participants that completed all the coursework and the group ride by the finish line celebration received six free months of Indego.

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