Digital Skills & Bicycle Thrills: Three for Three with their 3rd group of Graduates!


The Better Bike Share Partnership (BBSP) is an effort led by the City of Philadelphia that works to ensure that Indego bike share is accessible to all Philadelphians. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is a non­profit advocacy and education organization working as part of the Better Bike Share Partnership to support bike share and biking education.

The Better Bike Share Partnership is funded by The JPB Foundation.

The Office of Adult Education, Better Bike Share Partnership, the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems, and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, teamed up once again to graduate its 3rd Digital Skills and Bicycle Thrills cohort at the Lutheran Settlement House on November 3rd.

The four-week online digital literacy and bike safety class celebrated yet another round of success this fall. Digital Skills & Bicycle Thrills students dedicated about 2 hours a week to digital course work and particpated in a group ride lead by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. Following completion of the course and ride they received a free 6-month Indego pass.

Austin Dickman, a recent DSBT participant, is excited to be able to bike along the many trails throughout the city.

“I was able to see the beautiful city,” he said. “I really enjoy the group ride the program provided; it motivated me to ride again and having that support of people to ride with me really means a lot.”

“This program encouraged me to use a computer on my own. I also to learn the importance of the Philadelphia cycling laws, the precautions we have to take, how healthy it is and how to get people involved,” added Karl Valulis, a recent DSBT participant.


Karl Valulis recent DSBT graduate


Bruce Kennedy, who learned about the DSBT after attending an Indego Street Skill Class at the Free Library of Philadelphia, also enjoyed the course. “I wanted to use the bikes for a while this summer, since I needed another form of exercise other than walking, I was walking by the library and the class peeked my interest.”

Kennedy was eager to learn more about Indego and biking around the city so he decided to sign-up for the Digital Skills and Bicycle Thrills program. “This has been a good experience,” he said. “I really needed instructions on how to use a computer to be in contact with people. The computer is a way to communicate and connect. Coming to the digital skills and bicycle thrills program and doing group rides allowed me to connect with others in person.”

Congratulations to the Digital Skills and Bicycle Thrills participants. We look for forward to seeing you biking around Philly!


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