Faces of Indego: A Part of My Daily Routine

In celebration of all the riders who keep Indego moving, the Faces of Indego campaign will be highlighting users throughout the month of November through interviews, photographs, and stories . Want to show your face? Email marketing@rideindego.com

Name:Keola (Kay-ola)

Occupation/Interest: Financial Planner

Neighborhood: West Philadelphia (born and raised). Yes – the playground was where I spent most of my days 🙂


Favorite thing about Philly: The architecture. My favorite thing to do in Philly is to ride Indego to the Schuylkill River Trail, sit across from the Cira Centre at 30th Street and embrace how beautiful this city is. Please try it!

Why do you ride Indego? I ride Indego to gather my thoughts after a long day at work. I release stress and exercise at the same time. No gym membership necessary.

What views do you see on your ride? You see change and opportunities up close and personal. The kind of view that you’ll never experience while riding in a car.

Any tips for new Indego riders? Be fearless!

How has Indego impacted your life and/or community? Indego has given me a new look on bike riding. I used to think of it as a way to exercise but now it’s a part of my day to day routine.


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