Faces of Indego: Feeling Hopeful

Submitted by: Sarah-Ashley Andrews
Founder/CEO Dare 2 Hope (Suicide Prevention & Awareness Non-Profit)

My favorite thing about Philly is the hope that I feel when I ride through my city, the hope that it will one day be a place of peace and love. I take pride in where I am from. I’m looking forward to the day when we really live up to our city’s motto: Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection.


Indego adds the exercise component to my metal wellness plan. I am a firm believer that just as we plan budgets, and other things in life, we need to have mental wellness plans as well. Riding Indego allows me to ride off stress and increase my energy level.

My favorite view while riding is seeing people’s reactions. Riding Indego bikes with Dare 2 Hope sparks a lot of conversation, and we get many words of encouragement during rides. Indego helps you to see little things throughout the city that you may not have noticed in a car or on public transportation. It gives you time to take in neighborhood landmarks, and connect more with the city.

Indego has also helped me to engage my family, friends and community in a healthy activity that they may have not known was so readily available to them. It has also given me another tool for fighting depression and suicide in youth and young adults. My goal in life is to help prevent youth and young adults from committing suicide.

Bike riding is one of the best exercises to do that, and Indego gives me the opportunity to get more people involved in bike riding and believing in the importance of living mentally well. My advice to anyone interested in riding Indego is to just do it! I’ve had people on rides with Dare 2 Hope who have not ridden a bike in years. Once you get on…there’s no stopping you!

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