Following Up With Our Fall/Winter 2022 BBSP Mini-Grant Recipients

This winter, the Better Bike Share Partnership (BBSP) awarded four mini-grants of $1,000 to non-profit organizations in Philadelphia serving their community. This year, our grants went towards community building through produce boxes, cultural events, homeless outreach, and building a small greenhouse. Indego is grateful for the partnership of Get Fresh Daily, the Mexican Cultural Center, Doing Our Part Eclectically (DOPE), and A New Dawn, Inc, and their trust in bringing us into their communities. Keep reading to learn more about these organizations and how they were able to utilize the BBSP grant funding.

1. Get Fresh Daily

Get Fresh Daily is a nonprofit dedicated to providing families in West Philadelphia with fresh, local organic produce boxes, including education workshops and cooking classes. The BBSP mini-grant award will cover 6 produce boxes biweekly for 10 families over 12 weeks. Get Fresh Daily also has an innovative, pay-what-you-wish produce program that benefits over 45 local families, with 100% of participants reporting an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption.

“It has allowed three generations to eat healthier. The program has changed my attitude toward food and experiment. The produce box has helped me heal and use fresh organic vegetables to restore my health.”

2. Mexican Cultural Center

The Mexican Cultural Center celebrated Three Kings Day at the Kimmel Center on January 6th, providing many families the opportunity to gather and share “rosca de reyes” and other cultural traditions. Indego attended and tabled at the event, sharing promotional codes and providing support and instructions in Spanish. The Mexican Cultural Center provided entertainment, food, and enjoyment for participants of all ages – including a piñata tournament.

3. Doing Our Part Eclectically (DOPE)

DOPE is a non-profit that serves their houseless friends outside the Municipal Services Building across from City Hall every Saturday night at 8 PM. DOPE routinely serves more than 100 meals every week, including outreach around Center City – reaching and serving folks right where they are. The BBSP mini-grant award went towards the additional distribution of coats, blankets, shoes, hats, gloves, and scarves.

4. A New Dawn, Inc

A New Dawn, Inc is a nonprofit centered in Mill Creek that serves its community by maintaining the Aspen Farms Community Land Trust grounds, and giving away fresh produce at local community events, including Kwanzaa at the Lucien E Blackwell Community Center and at MLK Day at the Morton McMichael School. The BBSP mini-grant award went towards purchasing a greenhouse that will serve the community through educational workshops.

The City of Philadelphia, Indego, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and the Better Bike Share Partnership would like to thank these organizations for their hard work serving the people of Philadelphia. We look forward to supporting more organizations with future BBSP mini-grants! Be sure to subscribe to receive emails from Indego to be notified when another round of mini-grants is open.

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