Use GoPhillyGo for origin to destination Indego directions!, the free online mapping site for the greater Philadelphia area from Clean Air Council, has now released a mobile version for use on all devices. Designed to make getting around without a car both easy and fun, GoPhillyGo is now available on the go. You’ll be able to take the ultimate trip-planning tool for biking, walking, and public transit with you—anywhere you go, any time you need it. What’s particularly exciting is that GoPhillyGo can now help you plan your Indego trips from start to end.

Visit, plan a trip with the bike mode selected, then click for more options and select “use Indego bike sharing.” Directions will take you through where to walk to get a bike, which station to dock your bike at the end of the trip, and walking directions to your final location. You can even combine your Indego trip with public transportation to travel farther, and visit some of the “places we love” like Bartram’s Garden or the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. GoPhillyGo uses a live feed of bike share station availability and will adjust its directions if a station is full or empty.

Visit to plan your Indego trip today!

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