How the 2023 Indego Ambassador Season Paved the Way to Fun!

The 2023 Indego Community Ambassadors season has come to an end. This year the Indego Ambassadors hosted group rides, tabled at community events, and engaged with their communities in various unique ways. Come along as we revisit the accomplishments of our 2023 Ambassadors on a ride down memory lane!

Our new Junior Ambassadors, Ashton Seahorn and Dayyon Pratt, infused this season with youthful magic and vibrant energy. They hosted bike rides, tabled community events, and supported fellow ambassador organizations such as We Embrace Fatherhood‘s “Hip Hop at the Plateau” community event. During this season, Ashton and Dayyon learned the importance of being involved and making a difference in their neighborhood.

Point Breeze Collective (PBC) brought the power of community center stage with their mural tour bike rides and community movie night event. A highlight from PBC’s season was when the team came together to provide a safe and comfortable riding experience for a disabled participant. PBC helped facilitate an enjoyable ride for all and create stronger bonds within their community.

Indigenous Education encouraged riders to reflect on the historical significance of the spaces and places we encounter in our daily lives. On their group bike ride, they examined the impact that Native Americans have had throughout West and Southwest Philadelphia.

Derrick Pratt and Nicole Seahorn are long-term Indego partners who always create fun and memorable opportunities for their community. They took on dual roles by mentoring our junior ambassadors, thirteen-year-old Ashton (Nicole’s son) and fourteen-year-old Dayyon (Derrick’s son). Additionally, they hosted community rides and provided valuable information about Indego’s free programming, offering sign-ups for a free trial month of Indego to interested individuals. Derrick’s impactful ‘Pedal for Peace’ ride in August, held in Mantua, left a lasting impression. Meanwhile, Nicole made a notable start to the season with a guest appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ and hosted multiple rides along the Cobbs Creek Parkway.

We ended our Ambassador season with the 2nd annual “Bartram’s Garden Day” community event. During the event community partners Get Fresh Daily, the Philadelphia County Medical Society, East Coast Greenway, Vision Zero, Safe Routes Philly, OTIS, Girl Trek, and the Watermelon Man shared healthy foods and resources. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia led group rides through the garden and gave Bartram’s Village residents a chance to win a free youth bike.

The City of Philadelphia and Indego would like to thank these individuals and organizations for their hard work this season. Together, we achieved record-breaking Indego ridership and created lasting, memorable experiences for everyone involved.

Interested in becoming an Indego Ambassador? We are currently accepting applications for the 2024 Indego Community Ambassador season. Learn more about the role and responsibilities and apply by clicking the button below.

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