Indego Ambassadors: Taking it to Philly Free Streets

On August 3rd, the Indego Community Ambassadors came together for an early morning group ride to the 4th annual Philly Free Streets celebration. The Ambassadors promoted the group ride in their communities during the weeks leading up to Philly Free Streets in the hopes of connecting people to this amazing event!

Despite the early hour (7:30 am), the Ambassador team came with smiles and energy to match the great weather so that they could experience the freedom of open space on Broad Street. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (BCGP) led the ride, which went from 23rd & Fairmount to Broad & Oxford and helped to make it fun and safe for everyone.

GirlTrek, one of the Indego Ambassador organizations, hit the main stage to lead a free strength training class! With moves to heal the body, relax the mind, GirlTrek helped the crowd to get loose and really enjoy the day!

Philly Free Streets gave Philadelphians a chance to bike, skate, and stroll a section of town where there are usually 43,000 vehicles taking the lanes daily. Indego riders did not miss the chance to take to the streets! Over 700 different riders took 1,000+ trips on the Indego bikes during Free Streets.

Biking along North Broad also allowed folks a chance to connect with historical landmarks like the Uptown Theater and The Met, as well as local businesses.

Nicole Seahorne, GirlTrek organizer shared her thoughts about that day “Philly Free Streets is an amazing event! I love the fact that we can come together on a main Philly street no matter your age, ethnicity, or physical ability! There is something so fun and so magical about playing freely in the street that brings joy and inspires everyone’s inner child to come out. I love Philly Free Streets!”

Philadelphia has so much to offer and biking around the city on Indego is a great way to see it all. To learn more about the Indego Ambassadors and the work they do, click here. Be sure to follow the #IndegoAmbassador team on social media to stay up to date on rides and promotions!  

This blog was written by Stephanie Ridgeway, the Indego Community Coordinator for the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability.

The Better Bike Share Partnership is an effort led by the City of Philadelphia that works to ensure that Indego bike share is accessible to all Philadelphians. The Better Bike Share Partnership is funded by The JPB Foundation. 

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