Indego Invites Select Passholders to Pilot New Indego365 Plus Pass

Beginning Tuesday, December 5th, Indego will conduct a 12-month closed pilot of a new premium annual pass: Indego365 Plus (or Indego365 Plus Access for those with a PA ACCESS card). Indego365 Plus is a premium pass that includes two 30-minute rides on Indego electric bikes per day, in addition to unlimited 60-minute classic bike rides. Indego is conducting this pilot in response to Passholder and community partner feedback. We remain committed to ensuring that Indego’s pass options address Philadelphia’s various transportation needs, budgets, and barriers and are hopeful that the Indego365 Plus pass does just this.

Passholders were identified through a randomized selection process to ensure diverse representation and establish an equal chance to participate. Selected Passholders will be contacted via email on how to register for the pilot and how they can provide their feedback. User feedback guided how this pass pilot was structured and will be a key aspect of evaluating its success. 

We’re excited to learn more about the Indego365 Plus pass and how it could help Philadelphians ride and save even more with Indego. We appreciate all the feedback regarding how we can continually improve Indego and aim to explore additional pass pilots as Indego continues to expand.

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Indego365 Plus FAQ

When will this pass pilot end and when will you determine if it should continue? 

The pilot is intended to run for 1 year, decisions about future Indego pass options will be made and announced after the pilot has ended.

Where can I see which of my electric bike rides were included with my Indego365 Plus pass?

Indego365 Plus Passholders can check their trip history via the Indego mobile app to review previous rides that incurred additional per-minute fees. Passholders are highly encouraged to enable push notifications on the Indego mobile app to receive real-time account alerts.

I recently purchased a pass, am I eligible for a refund or discount on the Indego365 Plus pass?

Pilot participants with an active pass will receive a prorated discount when buying the premium annual pass based on how much they’ve paid for their current pass and when it was purchased.

If I don't ride for a full 30 minutes on a daily included e-bike trip, will the unused time carry over to my next ride?

Unused ride time for electric bike rides included daily with an Indego365 Plus pass does not carry over or stack and is not transferable between rides.

When do my included e-bike rides reset each day?

Both 30-minute Indego electric bike rides included daily with your Indego365 Plus pass are reset each calendar day.

What happens if I have a checkout issue with my Indego electric bike?

Indego Electric rides where a docking or station issue occurs will not apply towards your two included daily rides. Riders can check their trip history to confirm trip adjustments, report a trip issue, or request account support with Indego Customer Service via the Indego app.

What happens if I have a mechanical issue with my Indego electric bike after undocking during an included ride?

If you encounter an issue with an Indego electric bike after checking out from a station, please follow the steps below to ensure you can reach your destination safely and your account can be reconciled accordingly: 

  • Find a safe location to stop, dismount, and walk the bike. 
  • Use the Indego app to find the nearest station to dock the bike and end your ride.  
  • Report a trip issue via the Indego mobile app or by contacting Indego Customer Service via text, email, or phone call.  
  • Select and undock a different available bike from the Indego station.  
  • Inspect the bike for any potential issues before departing, repeat steps above if needed. 

Am I still eligible to participate in IndeHero with an Indego365 Plus pass?

Participants of this pass pilot are eligible to: 

  • Earn IndeHero points and compete for monthly leaderboard prizes.  

For the purposes of this pilot, participants are ineligible to: 

  • Redeem IndeHero points towards rewards on an active Indego365 Plus pass.

Unused points from previous passes will transfer to your active pass IndeHero balance. Additional details regarding IndeHero eligibility will be announced after the pilot is completed. 

How will I know when my Indego365 Plus is active?

After you have purchased an Indego365 Plus pass you will receive a confirmation email once the pass is active.

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Jennifer Novik

This would be perfect for me as I commute with the e-bike to/from work everyday. Would love to be included in the pilot!!! Thanks for considering!


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