Indego Unequivocally Stands In Solidarity Against Racism

A joint statement by the City of Philadelphia and Bicycle Transit Systems  

We at Indego stand with Black Lives Matter and the movement to disassemble the foundations of institutional racism. Black people have endured lifetimes of violence, profiling, trauma, and pain inflicted by this racism and injustice. It is unacceptable, and Indego unequivocally stands in solidarity with our black community members.  

Indego sees you. Indego hears you. Indego honors your humanity.  

Over the past 5 years, we have worked with communities, bike-by-bike, station-by-station to dismantle the foundations of racism and systemic injustice through equitable access to bike share, by building diverse leadership teams, and by ensuring our program is operated to support those with the greatest need. Our team has upheld this commitment as we have worked to safely maintain the bike share system and guarantee that Indego remains open during COVID-19 and the recent demonstrations. 

This is a good start; however, we must constantly examine and intentionally work to further dismantle structures that reinforce anti-black racism. As the City of Philadelphia rebuilds, Indego is doubling down on our commitment that bike share is for all Philadelphians, especially black people. In the coming months and years, we are committed to:  

  • Reaching more black communities and underserved neighborhoods in future expansions of Indego
  • Building relationships with, and creating more opportunities among, black and brown communities for input; ensuring that input is reflected in our work
  • Ensuring our visual messaging is representative of the black and brown communities we serve
  • Ensuring diverse representation through inclusive hiring and staffing practices among the Indego team

Indego is committed to using our bicycles as vehicles for change and tools to build a future where black people can walk, ride, and inhabit our streets safely.  

-The Indego Team

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