Introducing the New Indego Community Engagement Manager

As Indego prepares for a large system expansion, the Bike Transit team has created a new position to further strengthen the bridge between Indego and the existing and future communities where Indego serves. We are ecstatic to introduce you to Charolyn, Indego’s new Community Engagement Manager. Keep reading to learn more about Charolyn’s background in community engagement and her goals for the upcoming expansion!  

Charolyn is originally from Houston, Texas, and has lived in Philadelphia for the past four years. She is a graduate of Indego’s Digital Skills & Bicycle Thrills program and first got interested in using bike share as a way to acclimate to Philly. Charolyn has a lot of experience working in community outreach and restorative justice, and brings a passion for health, equity, and justice to her work. She is also a member of GirlTrek, a walk leader for We Walk PHL, and an ambassador for the Fairmount Park Conservancy!

What interested you in this role? 

Since moving to Philadelphia, Indego has been invaluable in helping me familiarize myself and discover the city. From going through Indego’s Digital Skills & Bicycle Thrills program and then the Bicycle Coalition’s Champion’s program, I had insight into Indego’s culture and saw that Indego aligned with my values. I saw this position as an opportunity to help others discover the benefits of Indego!

What is your experience with community outreach?

I have over 15 years of experience working with the community. I’ve done work in HIV and AIDS education, preventative education focused on drug & alcohol abuse and homelessness, and I’ve worked with victims of domestic violence. I’ve also done a lot of advocacy around mass incarceration.

I am definitely a people person and I like to think I can be a messenger to help inform communities about resources that are available to them. Through my work, I aim to educate and empower people to help improve their quality of life. Covid has given us a glaring example of the disparity that exists in certain communities and my goal is to see our communities thrive!

What do else you hope to achieve through your work? 

I want to make sure Indego is regarded as a trusted partner in the areas we expand to this year and that Indego represents safety for these communities. I am excited to engage more partners around the city that support our work and can become advocates for Indego. Ultimately, I want to see more bikes out there and Indego as a preferred method of transport!

We are so excited to have Charolyn on the team! To follow along with the development of Indego’s expansion efforts, make sure you subscribe to our monthly newsletter at! You can also let us know where you would like to see a new Indego station by clicking here.

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