Meet the Team: Customer Service Representative Alex Semidey



Bicycle Transit Systems is a Philadelphia-based business that specializes in bike share launch, operations, and management. Comprised of the most experienced bike share operations team in the industry, Bicycle Transit Systems manages all operational elements of Indego, including bike and station maintenance, marketing, and customer service.

Our  staff Q & A spotlight series was created to compliment the Indego Street Team and Ambassador spotlight series. These spotlights are an opportunity for you to learn more about the dream team that keeps Indego rolling. From bike mechanics and drivers, to customer service  and marketing, this is a wheel treat to get the inside scoop on the 30+ employees who make up Indego. Meet Alex, an integral part of our Customer Service team!

How long have you been part of the Indego team for?
Since the end of April 2016!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your position!
I love cats, hip hop and horror films, those are probably the most things to know about me. I work in the Customer Service department as a customer service representatives, dishing out the gospel of Indego and making certain customers are satisfied with their rides!

How does a normal day look like for you?
So it goes something like this
1. Coffee 2. Check my email 3. Yell at James over the Dispatch Chat 4. Answer phones 5. Track sighting on the legendary Indingo (Indego’s very own legendary beast that roams from station to station)

What do you like the most about working at Indego?
It’s casual and professional and it’s rare that you find a place that mixes that well. Also, the people here are pretty great, so that helps.


How would you say the system has impacted the city?
In a positive way I believe, you see people on our bikes all the time and it’s good to see. The less people in cars in the city, the better for the environment and city dwellers!

Any favorite routes?
I ride from Berks Station MFL all the way over to 4th & Washington on a regular basis. It’s a pretty nice route going both ways.

What would you say to anyone that might be hesitant about riding in the city?
I’d advise them to watch the Shia Lebouf video where he shouts “JUST DO IT” on repeat until you find the strentgh within you to conquer this city on two wheels.

What are you up to outside of Indego?
Biggest thing to know about me is I’m working hard at getting Kanye elected in 2020. I also write and shoot short films for our video collective “The Infinite Union”, you can find us on Youtube!



Angel Semidey

This is my son and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I love you Alex and I am so happy you found a company that you are excited to work for.


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