Meet February’s Passholder of the Month: Tykee James

Welcome to Indego’s Passholder of the Month series! This is only awarded to (12) passholders each year. So, it’s a pretty big deal. The ones who ride often and/or share their Indego adventures to social media get this kind of special treatment.

Once crowned, the winner gets a grand tour of the Indego wheelhouse, hangs out with the team, gets a lot of swag and so much more. Meet our February winner, Tykee James!

Name: Tykee James

Neighborhood: North Central Philly

Occupation/Interest: I am a legislative assistant and scheduler for State Representative Donna Bullock.

Favorite things about Philly: Birding, cheese steaks, and the diversity of the neighborhoods

When did you become a passholder and why? September, I remember, I was dancing and there never was a cloudy day! I have a quick mind for math, so I did not need a lot of time to figure out that Indego is the most economic way for me to get to work. If not for Indego, I would be facing a $90/month bill for a monthly transit pass. The possibly taking carshare for daily use was not even considered. Additionally, I realized that it’s essentially a gym membership! Being a passholder would commit me to a healthier body and healthier bank account.

Do you ride Indego to work? If so, how’s it going? I do! In fact, rain, wind, or snow has not stopped me. Despite feeling sick or those one or two especially cold days where I took the trolley, I always take a bike! I think the fall and spring are the best times to ride to work, but I love the winter! It’s a 7-12 minute mentally therapeutic session that wakes up my skin, balances my body, and prepares me for the rest of day.

What views do you see on your commute? My commute is from the Broad and Girard Dock to 26th and Poplar where I then walk a few blocks to the office. I often see House Sparrows and I can hear blue jays from time to time. I remember one time along the Girard College wall I spotted a Mockingbird. It was a pleasure to see the white flashes in its wings as it jumped back and forth on the top of the wall. Also, every morning riding down Girard seeing how it goes from mostly residential to a mostly business corridor is getting my attention more and more as I try to think in the mind of a city planner.

Any tips for Indego riders? My first tip for any Indego rider is DOWNLOAD THE INDEGO APP! I found it to be critical in times that I had to run to a meeting downtown from the office. Having the experience first hand, it’s much better to plan ahead by looking at the app, in the case of empty or full bike stations, than it is to explain that you’re late because you couldn’t “park” your bike.

What do you love most about Indego?  I love the customer service! They’re responsive, respectful, and reasonable! I often talk up their quality approach to customer service. Every time I call it has been a great experience. Sometimes I think about calling just to say hi. They’re so friendly, even via text.


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