Program Spotlight: Changing Gears

Summer is about to end, and yet it feels as if summer never really started. Philadelphians are figuring out how to safely attend school, arrange for daycare, commute to work, and much more. What we do know is that virtual programming is here to stay! Going digital allows for our riders to still connect, share experiences, and build their cycling skills while being socially distant.  In collaboration with our partners at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (BCGP), Indego is now hosting a new, online community event designed to let you share your story, struggles, and ideas about biking during this re-entry phase.

Changing Gears is a new, virtual monthly meeting designed to create a safe space for everyone to share, listen, and discuss topics (aka gears) of interest. Each month the “gears” may change based upon your ideas and suggestions. We can remain on the same gears to strengthen them, or change it up, depending on what type of ride (discussion) you want to have that month. 

In case you missed it! Some of the questions and answers from our last Changing Gears discussion are listed below:

Q: Where are some green spaces that I can visit via my personal bike?

A: Wissahickon Valley Park is a great option since it’s near the city but makes you feel like you are far away from it too!

Q: Are Indego stations accessible by public transportation?

A: Yes, most Indego stations are close to other access points of public transportation. We are also working on expanding the Indego system with the input of community members. Stay tuned for more updates on this process later this year!

Q: Where are bike shops that I can purchase a bike?

A: Currently, bike shops may have a limited number of bikes due to the increase in demand for bicycles during the COVID-19 quarantine. We would suggest taking a look at the BCGP’s network of bike shops and giving the shops a call to check what they have available. On the other hand, you can always rent an Indego bike through the app for a ride and explore the new communities in Philly.

If you have similar questions, suggestions, or ideas, come join us for the next Changing Gears discussion or email the BCGP Community Liaisons with any questions you have!

The next Changing Gears will take place on Thursday, September 24th, at 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET. This event is open to anyone interested and completely free! To learn more and register, click the button below.

Community Liaisons: (English) (Spanish)

This blog was written by Lor Song, Community Liaison for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is a nonprofit advocacy and education organization working as part of the Better Bike Share Partnership to support bike share and biking education. The Better Bike Share Partnership is funded by The JPB Foundation. 

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