Riding Into the Future: Indego Celebrates 8 Years in Philadelphia

This April marks eight years since we rolled out the first set of Indego bicycles in Philadelphia. Since then, the program has become an integral part of the city’s transportation landscape, offering residents and visitors a convenient, affordable, and sustainable way to get around. Keep reading to learn more about some of Indego’s achievements and how we’re celebrating all through the month of May with a discount on the monthly and annual passes!

Indego started out in 2015 with just 60 stations and 600 bikes and has grown to a network of over 200 stations and 2,000+ classic and pedal-assisted electric bikes. We expanded our service area dramatically over the past eight years and as of last week, we installed our first set of stations as part of our Manayunk and North Broad expansion at the Manayunk Bridge Trailhead and Broad & Master at the Columbia North YMCA. From the very beginning, Indego has aimed to expand the service area in a way that serves the needs of people who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and/or facing economic challenges. The Indego team is deeply grateful for the continued collaboration from our stakeholders and community partners. Together, we have upheld our mission to ensure that Indego addresses the transportation barriers of those most in need. With over 8,700 active Passholders and 392,950 passes sold since launch, it’s fantastic to see more people than ever before enjoying the convenience and benefits of bike share. Indego also hit a major milestone last week, surpassing 6 million trips since launch! This achievement is a testament to the enduring success and impact of sustainable transportation in our city.   

Equity is one of the things that sets Indego apart from other bike share systems. As we celebrate Indego’s 8th anniversary I’m extremely proud of our continued commitment to providing a healthy, affordable, and fun mode of transportation for all Philadelphians. With this, we’re excited to bring dozens of new stations and hundreds of new bikes this year into communities that we haven’t previously served. As we expand, our vision is for Indego to be an integral part of how people get around Philadelphia.

Nate Bowman-Johnston, Indego’s General Manager

Indego has not only transformed the way Philadelphians move around the city but has also had a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions and promoting physical fitness. By riding an Indego bike instead of driving a car or using public transportation, riders have collectively offset an estimated 68 million pounds of carbon dioxide since the program’s launch. In addition to reducing their carbon footprint, Indego riders have burned an estimated 604 million calories while using the service.

We look forward to Indego’s continued success in advancing an equitable, healthy transportation option for residents and visitors in Philadelphia.

Gregory E. Deavens, Independence Blue Cross president and CEO

In celebration of our birthday and National Bike Month, which begins on May 1st, we’re offering riders discounted Indego30 monthly and Indego365 annual passes! From April 23rd – May 31st riders can save 75% on their first month of the Indego30 pass or 20% on Indego365 annual pass with the promo code INDEPRO23! We’re delighted to offer this month-long discount to help lower some of the barriers to entry and welcome new users in the recent expansion zones as well as returning riders.

Please note, this discount cannot be applied to an active pass of the same type and is eligible only for new and lapsed Passholders or users migrating to a different pass type. Both discounts also apply to our Access pass options. Both the Indego30 and the Indego365 pass offer riders an unlimited number of 60-minute classic bike rides. You can cancel anytime by logging into your account or contacting customer service.  

As Indego marks its eighth anniversary, we’re thrilled by what the future holds. With our unwavering commitment to maintaining and expanding the Indego system, we can’t wait to bring more innovation and opportunities to our riders. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on our expansion, favorite Indego memories over the years, where you’ll be biking during Bike Month, and more. To receive the latest updates about Indego, subscribe to the Indego newsletter and follow us on social media!

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spring is here,i am glad the cold air has passed, was on a bike a few times and i have seen new docks and new bikes, Indego is looking great as the weather changes and bike lanes are cleared for bike traffic.

Maureen Clarke

good morning june /4 was a rwain date for a previously group ride and the weather was perfect.

Beckett Woodworth

Wish there was a discount in daily passes. Daily passes are still WAY TOO expensive!!

Nevetheless, I love Indego! It just needs to be more accessible!


I love my new Indego pass! I often weigh the safety of a bike route versus taking a bus. I’d love to see more protected bike lanes throughout the city to make that choice an easier one!


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