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Philly Full Moon Bike Ride

May 5, 2023 @ 8:43 pm

Hosted by Philly Full Moon Bike Rides

Description taken from their event page:

This will be a 2 stop and end at the beginning start ride. BYOB (bike and beer). Clark Park to Belmont over look will be the stops. Rolling 9PM.
Meeting Spot: We normally meet at the Rocky Steps, or Art Museum steps facing Eakins Oval. We sit closer to the Rocky Statue.

Parking: Parking by the Lloyd Hall is fine if you park after 8PM. It is 2 hour parking to 10PM (during the week). Sedgley Road is ok to park all day (but I think in the winter it is 3 hour parking, or was). Some bars are kind of far away, and maybe parking by the ending bar works too, if there is a good parking place.

Speed: This ride is normally around 14 mph or so. There will be catch up stops. No one will be left behind, intentionally. Any bike is just fine for the ride as long as it is safe to ride.

Helmets and lights: Encouraged but not required.

Tools: Bring tubes for your bike. Someone will have tools.

Following traffic laws: Also recommended epecially if in a left behind group. The route is mostly on lightly used roads/intersections where traffic is light at this time of the night. Stops signs will be usually rolling stops with call outs. Traffic lights will be stop and go if clear and also group regroup stops if needed.

Other riding safety issues: Trolley tracks plague the city and we will be crossing at least one set of tracks. Pot holes, holes in general, man-hole lids, water access, etc are all hazards riders should try avoiding. There will be glass that can cause flats.

Children: I don’t recommend. Some people did bring their children over the years.
**Ride at your own risk**

Routing monthly:
The route can be approximately 10 miles. It will not always be as long. The rides may be up to 15 miles depending on where the route goes past also. I try to keep the rides unique.
There will be a mid-point rest stop. I try to find different places every month. The rest stop can be safe, or even unsafe and dark. The end stop will be at a random place.


Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
Philly Full Moon Bike Ride


Philadelphia Museum of Art
2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy
Philadelphia, PA 19130 United States
+ Google Map

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