Classic Bike


Water bottle, bobblehead, notepad, cheesesteaks, whatever you’ve got, the front and rear baskets can hold stuff!


Three gears will get you up and down any Philly street, even those West Philly hills.

Lights & Reflectors

Lights that come on when you pedal and reflectors in all the right places. Perfect for riding home after a late shift, or a late-night snack.


Front and rear hand brakes help you stop on a dime.


Sturdy, puncture-resistant tires can handle all urban terrain. Still, make sure you see Philly’s famous potholes before they see you.


An easily adjustable seat post allows for custom fit for riders of all sizes, from Dr. Ruth to Dr. J.

Splash Guard & Chain Guard

Coverage allows for a dry, clean ride, whether you’re dressed in sweats or a business suit.