2022 Expansion Update

We’re halfway through our 2022 expansion! Let’s review our progress and share details about expansion plans for the rest of the year.

Catching Up

Since we kicked off our 2022 expansion in February, Indego has added 16 new stations, 328 new docking points, and 250 new electric bikes to the fleet. We were able to start growing the service area into East Falls, Kingsessing, Bartram’s Garden, and filling out more of West, South, and North Philadephia.

We continue to uphold our commitment to providing service to Black and historically underserved communities and have been actively installing stations in marginalized neighborhoods. In order to do this, Indego’s Community Engagement team has worked closely with 36 different community stakeholders this year to help with station planning and implementation. We also have received 1,300 responses from our suggest-a-station feature and have used this to guide our expansion planning.

Dr. Odessa Tate, Director of Business Development at All In The Family CDC had this to say about working with the Indego team,

“I would like to thank Ms. Stephanie Ridgeway for introducing me to the Indego system and allowing me to connect with members of the Indego team. The biggest thing I would say that Indego does is bring in a community amenity that we don’t usually have, something that people can enjoy and benefit from health-wise. It’s a transition in thinking about how you transport around and inviting ways to better yourself physically. 

Our community really benefitted from the Better Bike Share Partnership mini-grant. We were able to develop mentorship programs for our youth and were able to pay our mentors using grant funds. I’m looking forward to continuing this partnership with Indego and seeing what more is to come in our community!”

We also have a word from Indego Program Manager, Waffiyyah Murray who says,

“I am very proud of the Indego team for their amazing work on the system expansion. Special thank you to our community partners for taking the time to work with us on identifying great locations for Indego stations that serve the community’s needs.”

What’s Next

After August, we will be focusing on adding stations to East Falls, Kingsessing, along Oregon Avenue, and further north. We’ll also continue to add more stations within the existing service area to support the increase in overall ridership. This is the second phase of a multi-year expansion plan in which the size of the system will more than double and Indego will provide service in more communities within South, West, North, and Northwest Philadelphia.

Please note, the blue area in the map above represents geographic growth for the remainder of 2022, but specific station planning will happen with our partners and community stakeholders.

This month, we’ll also be reincorporating energy-saving dock technology into the system. Energy-saving docks were piloted in September 2020 at Broad and Carpenter and Broad & Cecil B. Moore. This technology will aid in our expansion efforts as the stations require less power to operate and the docks can be divided, allowing our team to be creative as we do site planning. To learn more about our energy-saving dock technology, click here.

Stay In-the-Know

Indego is extremely excited to finish out our 2022 expansion and to continue to reach new neighborhoods in Philadelphia! Thank you to everyone who submitted a station suggestion and to all of the community partners who worked with us this year to bring these stations to their neighborhoods. To stay connected, follow @RideIndego on social media and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. 

Bicycle Transit Systems is a Philadelphia-based business that specializes in bike share launch, operations, and management. Comprised of the most experienced bike share operations team in the industry, Bicycle Transit Systems manages all operational elements of Indego, including bike and station maintenance, marketing, and customer service. 



I am an New Yorker who is an avid Citibike user. Loved using Indego this week, but the non ebikes need lubrication. Looking forward to seeing the expanded network next year.


imo indego need to scale WAY back on the regular bikes and get with the times. the regular bikes feel outdated and they’re so heavy and slow, start phasing them out already.

At least 80% of the bikes at this point should be ebikes and I use that term loosely as indego ebikes are VERY low powered. but they’re still way better then the regular bikes though they have their own set of issues. There also at some point should be a MUCH more powerful ebike available for a higher price.


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