Docking Your Bike & “Ride Close Confirmation”


Sometimes you’re in a rush or busy chatting with friends and you miss the “3 beeps” that indicate your bike has been successfully checked in after you’ve completed your trip. Have no fear! There are two ways to ensure that your ride has been completed and your bike has been docked successfully.

  1. You will always receive an e-mail stating that your bike has been successfully docked

You receive an e-mail every time you successfully complete a trip. We know your e-mail can easily get cluttered so you may have used a separate email address or moved Indego to your clutter folder. Be sure to update your contact information or check your spam folder to make sure you are receiving them each time. Here’s a sample message:

bike check in email

2) You CAN opt-in to receive a text instead

If e-mail confirmation isn’t your style, or you find yourself riding so often that ride completion e-mails would clutter your inbox (you Indego superstar!) you can opt in to receive a text at the end of your trip just by logging in to your account.

The very first page will be your profile information. This is where you can opt in to receive text updates.

At the bottom right hand corner of your “Profile Information” you will find this note:

text opt in 2

Be sure to select the box next to “I would like to receive billing notifications by text message.

text opt in

Select “Save”

You’ll then receive text messages after successfully docking your  bike. If you complete a ride but do not hear the “3 beeps”, check for a  text or an e-mail. You can also contact Customer Service by text, phone call, e-mail or through the Indego app.






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