Hitting the Trail with High Heels and High Hopes

On Saturday, July 7th the Schuylkill River Trail was filled with walkers, skaters, and Indego! High Heels and High Hopes Inc. joined Indego for their first ride of the season! Founder, Nadera Oglseby, and her crew came out ready to take the trail and explore what Fairmount Park has to offer!

Let’s say the weather was the star of the ride and all that joined had a great time. The Schuylkill River Trail is a great way for folks of all ages to enjoy a bike ride without the added worry about traffic and other street obstacles.  One of High Heels and High Hope Inc.’s youngest members summed up the ride best:

So if you are interested in “Groovin on any afternoon” check out RideIndego.com for our Monthly ride series and have the best rider ever! Hope to see you there!


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Dave Henly

I like her spirit. These bikes transform lives and connect the adult community with the youth community in a way that few other programs can do.


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