Pokemon Go on Indego: Be the First to Catch ‘Em All


Grab your helmet and become a Master Pokemon Trainer!  Pokemon Go is all the rage right now and if you haven’t caught on to the wave, that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first one to “Catch ‘Em All.”

We’ve got a few tricks and safety tips to help you catch Pokemon via Indego.

Ride Indego to get to Pokemon first! Ride Indego to catch your pokemon faster than you would on foot. With 100+ stations, you can ride, dock and catch your Pokemon with ease. It’s easy to map your route with our real-time map available online and via the new Indego app. Catch bug and grass Pokemon by riding to our 33rd & Dauphin Station right across from Mander Playground. Water types are easy to catch at our Race Street Pier station, and nocturnal or fairy types appear during your evening commute home.



Hatch your Pokemon! By riding Indego you can quickly hatch your Pokemon! Riding from station to station can ensure you reach 2 and 5 kilometers at a faster rate than your friends. The route above begins at the Indego Clark Park Station, makes a pit stop at 30th Street Station and ends at 33rd and Dauphin. Each stop reaches a distance that allows you to hatch a Pokemon, and they’re also near parks and waterfronts, ideal for catching multiple Pokemon!


Stay Safe! The Philadelphia Police released all-age tips to stay safe while playing Pokemon Go. We also encourage you to wear a helmet and stay alert while riding. Not only should you account for usual traffic, but be alert of other Pokemon trainers staring at their phones. Never catch while riding! With the  Indego30 Pass you have access to unlimited 1-hour trips. Buy a pass, take your time and become a biking Pokemon Master Trainer!



Share your Pokemon Go + Indego adventures with us on social media. Use #rideindego along with #pokemongo while you Catch ‘Em All!


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