Free Library Offers Support to Jump-Start Your Non-Profit

On September 13th the Indego Community Ambassadors met at one of the best-kept secrets in the city.  Nestled on the Parkway at 19th & Vine St., the main branch of the Philadelphia Free Library is a secret sitting in plain sight. The library contains a wealth of information that can help you create a non-profit, start a small business, find employment, and so much more!

Caitlin Seifritz runs the Regional Foundation Center, which can be found in the Business Resource & Innovation Center (or BRIC) on the 2nd floor of the Parkway Central Library. The center provides a collection of electronic resources, access to databases, and one-on-one assistance, all at no cost to any user.

Caitlin’s focus is on non-profits, what funding and resources are available, and how to use them.  She met with the Ambassadors and explained that to have a successful non-profit, one should:

  • Know their audience
  • Network as much as possible
  • Come to the library to get great resources to keep their organizations moving forward

Give and Go Athletics revealed that the library was where they got their start. Andre and Caleb said, “this is like coming full circle returning to the Library Resource Center.” Both thought that this was a good way to reconnect with their mission.

Al Harris, the founder of Cancer Who? registered for a free one-on-one session with Caitlin. Cancer Who? is an organization that has grown quickly and saw the Library as a great tool to reach new sponsors.

Nadera Oglesby, founder of High Heels and High Hopes will be spending some time at the site to access the great databases.

Lisa Gaidanowicz, from Urbanstead Inc. was excited and stated that she loved the session. She knew about BRIC but never took advantage of their services. Lisa explained that “this information session has pushed me to sign up for sessions at BRIC to find more information about funding.”

The Ambassadors had a great experience discovering what the Library offers!  

Planning a trip to the Philadelphia Free Library? Indego has a station located outside the Library at 302 N. 19th Street.  You can also build confidence in your city biking skills at Indego’s Urban Riding Basics Classes, held at the Library. Click here for more information! 


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