Get Pedaling This Bike Month!

National Bike Month is right around the corner. This May, join people across the Philadelphia region and beyond by embracing biking as a great way to travel while doing your part to improve air quality and reduce your carbon footprint. Beyond the benefits of biking for you, your community, and the world, this Bike Month you can win prizes and compete with your friends and coworkers. Learn more about the Love to Ride May Bike Month challenge and how you ride an Indego bike to participate.

Looking for a way to stay motivated to bike all month? Sign up for the Love to Ride Bike Month Challenge. This free, online, biking competition gives you a place to record all your bike rides, set goals for yourself, and earn points to win prizes by biking and encouraging others to bike!

How does it work? Just create a team of up to ten people, these can be friends, family, or co-workers. Together your team earns points by riding, and encouraging each other to ride and will compete against other teams of similar experience levels. Regardless of your experience level, this challenge is right for you. In fact, new riders earn DOUBLE the points, so if you are new to biking this is a great way to get involved. Prizes, including a bike worth $1,500, are up for grabs, so if you are already planning to bike this month, make sure you are signed up and logging those rides.

Don’t have a bike of your own? No problem! Philadelphia’s favorite bike share is launching its Bike Month discount one week early to celebrate their 7th birthday! From April 23rd – May 31st new riders can use the code INDEPRO22 at for a $5 Indego30 pass or $2.50 Indego30 Access pass.

With the Indego30 pass, riders get an unlimited number of 60-minute rides for 30 days! This pass is great for exploring the city and trails on your schedule. Indego is excited to give folks who have always wanted to try bike share the opportunity to do so. Once you have signed up for your Indego pass remember to log your rides with Love to Ride, for the chance to win a full free year-long Indego pass!

Since last Bike Month, there have been some major improvements to bike facilities, bike lanes, and bike paths around the cities. In addition to the 34 new Indego stations installed this year (check out the map below!), the Chestnut St. bridge has finally reopened with a parking-protected bike lane, and Circuit Trails have been extended including at Bartram’s Garden. You can see existing bike lanes, find circuit trails, and see all the Indego stations on GoPhillyGo, as well as map out your bike routes – including using an Indego bike. So, if you are looking for a trail to bike on, or just want to map out the safest route to your destination this bike month there are plenty of tools to help you.

This blog was written jointly by the Clean Air Council and Indego Bike Share.


Trina Hawkes

Tried to get the $5 pass but was charged $20 i called but couldn’t speak to anyone

Emily Hooven

Hi Trina! This promotion is for new users only – is it possible you’ve had an Indego pass in the past?


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