Indego Announces New Pass Options, Pricing, and Minimum Age Requirement!

Adjustments include new discounted annual pass option, further savings for ACCESS passholders, new monthly pass price, and new minimum age requirement.

Effective April 12th, 2018 Indego will make a few important updates to our pass options, pricing, and minimum age policy and we want to keep you fully informed! The updates below will support the continued growth of Philly’s bike share program and will provide saving opportunities to Passholders who make Indego part of their daily routine.

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Here is a run-down of the updates:

  • Day Pass at kiosk – Introducing the Day Pass at the kiosk ($10/day for unlimited 30-minute rides; $4/30 minutes for rides over 30 minutes), replacing the Single Ride kiosk option ($4/30 minutes).

  • Indego365 Offering the Indego365 annual pass at $156/year (equivalent to $13/month). By upgrading to Indego365, Indego30 Passholders can save $48 over 12 months. Usage fees of $4/hour for rides over an hour.

  • Indego365 ACCESSOffering the Indego365 ACCESS annual pass at $48/year (equivalent to $4/month). By upgrading to Indego365 ACCESS, current Indego30 ACCESS Passholders can save 20% over 12 months. Usage fees of $2/hour for rides over an hour.

At the same time, Indego is instituting a modest price increase for the Indego30 monthly pass. Effective April 12th, 2018 the monthly pass price will move to $17 a month, a $2 increase from the current $15 pass price. Usage fees remain the same at $4/hour for rides over an hour. Two other Indego passes are unchanged:

  • Indego30 ACCESSIndego30 ACCESS monthly pass remains at just $5/month for PA ACCESS cardholders. Usage fees are still $2/hour for rides over an hour.
  • Flex PassFlex Pass price and usage fees remain the same.

The User Agreement has been updated to reflect new pass options, pricing and usage fees. The updated User Agreement also reflects a new rider minimum age of 14 from 16 to expand transit opportunities for high school students and their commute to and from school.

Read the updated User Agreement here.

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Donna Dorman

Do you have a rate specifically for seniors or and AARP discount on the passes?


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