Indego Electric is Back!

Learn more about electric bikes,
new stations, and pricing updates

Last season, Indego introduced ten pedal-assist electric bikes, called Indego Electric, to the fleet as part of an electric bike pilot. The 10-bike pilot was wildly successful and we have been busy planning for an expansion of Indego Electric. 

Boost Your Ride. Indego is excited to announce that starting in mid-May, we will be resuming the pilot. You can expect to see 400 Indego electric bikes added to the fleet over the next several months. Indego is thrilled to be able to provide this service in order to reach new riders who have not used bike share previously.

Pay As You Go With Indego Electric. There will be an additional fee of 15¢ per minute for upgrading your ride to Indego Electric. The per minute fee will support operational costs associated with maintaining a fleet of electric bikes. Indego ACCESS passholders will be charged 5¢ per minute for upgrading to an Indego electric bike, continuing the City’s commitment to affordability and equity.

Extend Your Ride Time By the Minute. With the addition of per minute electric bike fees, Indego will be adopting a per minute pricing structure for extra riding time. Now, Day Pass riders will be charged 15¢ per minute for rides longer than 30 minutes. Indego30 and Indego365 passholders will be charged 15¢ per minute for rides longer than one hour, and all ACCESS passholders will be charged 5¢ per minute for rides longer than one hour. 

Additionally, the price of the Day Pass will increase to $12 in mid-May. Pricing updates will help support the continued growth of Philly’s bike share program.

Thank you for your continued support of Indego! For additional information about Indego Electric, click here.

The Indego User Agreement has been updated to reflect new pricing and usage fees. The updated User Agreement also reflects a minimum age requirement of 16 to ride Indego Electric. Read the updated User Agreement in English and Spanish.

Bicycle Transit Systems is a Philadelphia-based business that specializes in bike share launch, operations, and management. Comprised of the most experienced bike share operations team in the industry, Bicycle Transit Systems manages all operational elements of Indego, including bike and station maintenance, marketing, and customer service. 



How will pricing work for Indego Pass holders? Is there or will there be an option for a different Indego30/Indego365 pass that will include the ability to use an electric bike without a per min charge?

Estevan Fernandez

At this phase of the pilot, there is currently no pass type which provides unlimited Indego Electric rides for one fixed price. We appreciate this feedback! As we learn more about providing this service during our pilot, this is something that we will take into consideration.

Nic G

This seems like a very reasonable additional cost for the electric bike. Good job, Indego!

Hope everyone rides these safely!

Kyle pestsall

Do you think that indego will ever have bikes with additional seating for kids. That will be so helpful


Given there will be a lot more electric bikes (yay!) in the fleet, there is a potential that a rider may arrive at a dock with *just* an electric bike (right?). In such a circumstance, if said rider wasn’t planning to use the electric bike (ie, didn’t plan to incur the 15c/m cost for that trip), then presumably they would have to move onto another dock to find a non-E bike?

Estevan Fernandez

Exactly. If you would prefer to ride an Indego classic bike, be sure to check the Indego app or website to see which stations have classic bikes. This particular scenario will be something that we will monitor as this phase of the pilot commences.


A lot of us use Indego to commute on tight schedules. There’s usually not enough time to make it to farther stations. I think in these situations it’s unfair to force a fee on the Indego users who have tighter budgets and prefer exercise over electric. I hope that you will reconsider how the additional fee works.


Will the fee be waived if we have to use a station where only electric bikes are available?


When the bikes are out of battery, will we still be charged the per-minute fee? How do you plan to ensure that the bikes stay charged?

Estevan Fernandez

Hi there! We recommend that you check to see how much charge the battery has before selecting your Indego electric bike. A bike that shows two or more bars of battery on the display is good to ride. The batteries on our bikes will be manually swapped by our field technicians.


During the original trial, it took several days for a dead bike to get serviced. How do you plan to address this?


This is fantastic, Thank you so much for providing this transportation alternative!
I’ve been hoping for this since 2014


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