Indego365 Plus Pass Now Available

We’re thrilled to announce that starting today, May 1st, we are expanding the Indego365 Plus pilot program, making it available for everyone! Keep reading to learn more about the Indego365 Plus pass.

Indego365 Plus is a premium annual pass that includes two 30-minute rides on Indego electric bikes per day, in addition to unlimited 60-minute classic bike rides. Indego’s pedal-assist electric bikes can reach speeds up to 17mph and are perfect for climbing hills, keeping up with traffic, and covering more ground in less time without breaking a sweat!

Indego365 Plus means more riding and less worrying about per-minute fees. With the Indego365 Plus pass, you can save more year-round and have fewer billing transactions. Riders with an active PA ACCESS card can also enjoy the pass at a reduced rate. 

Already an Indego Passholder? No problem! Active monthly and annual passholders will receive a pro-rated discount based on the date and cost of the most recent pass purchase or renewal. Click here to log into your Indego account and upgrade your existing pass.  

Ready to ride? Download the Indego app or click the button below to purchase a pass and start riding!  

We will be accepting new Indego365 Plus riders through December 2024, and decisions about future Indego pass options will be made and announced after that point. Pilot participants with an active Indego pass will receive a pro-rated discount when buying the Indego365 Plus pass based on how much they’ve paid for their current pass and when their current pass was purchased. For participants with a monthly pass, the pro-rated discount will only be based on their most recent pass purchase. Please note that for the purposes of this pilot, participants can earn IndeHero points, but will not be able to redeem IndeHero points towards rewards on an active Indego365 Plus pass.

Please refer to our FAQ page (Indego365 Plus section at the bottom) for common answers to questions about this pilot pass. If you have any questions or require assistance at any point during the pilot, our dedicated support team will be available to help you via text, call, or email.

We’re excited to learn more about the Indego365 Plus pass and how it could help Philadelphians ride and save even more with Indego. We appreciate all the feedback regarding how we can continually improve Indego and aim to explore additional pass pilots as Indego continues to expand.

The Indego365 Plus pilot began in December 2023. Read more about it on our blog, Indego Invites Select Passholders to Pilot New Indego365 Plus Pass.


John Marquette

Why is there no funding from the lottery for senior persons (65+) the way there is for SEPTA?


please bring back single trips, so many more people would use the service.


Yes please bring back single passes! I really want to be able to use the bikes, but since I only visit Philly and don’t live there, the current pricing structure is not worth it for me. I don’t understand why this isn’t an option when other cities have it built into their bikeshare programs. So many more people would ride!

Sara Brady

I would totally do this if there was a pay monthly vs annual billing option


This is great! If possible a monthly payment would be awesome, as Ebikes are my preference. Keep up the good work Indego!


The past few days there seem to be fewer ebikes and the available stock have little to no remaining battery power. I would consider 365+ if there was a monthly billing option and I was more confident in charged ebike availability.


I’m starting to get frustrated by the lack of availability of traditional, non-e-bikes. I like my basic pass but more and more I’m forced to pay extra for an ebike because those are the only bikes available at the dock. The e-bikes are even more expensive than taking the bus, and this new pass is also too expensive. Please add more traditional bikes to the fleet.


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